TheWowFactor Filmmaking

TheWowFactor Filmmaking is the brand new division of TheWowFactor Group.

We are not a traditional film production house, but you can consider us a boutique video company.


A small team of very smart and creative individuals, whose goal is to go straight to the point: to move your emotions and your Clients’.


We are very selective in accepting requests for our video productions.
We do not handle a large number of projects per year (and we certainly do not want to so…), instead we search for quality, in each and every term.


Quality in the venues, quality in the script, quality in the companies we cooperate with, quality in our final products, and most of all, quality with the commitments we do take.


And, please, try not to ask to us to speed up our video making process.
We need time, you need emotion.

Come and see us at: