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Luxury & High-End Luxury Emotions,
in Italy.

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The Wow Factor Collection

You can make your choice among one of the luxury leisure packages on one of these classes of extraordinary emotions:

TheWowFactor Travel Emotions

Blaze you,
body & mind

Enjoy and relax!

Choose to live an authentic Italian experience.


Taste a glass of wine whilst glancing over the richness of the Tuscan countryside, take a night ride on the narrow canals in a Venetian gondola, let the adrenaline rise high flying over the Roman hills, fall under the spell of Italian opera singers in Taormina, spend the evening in one of the most exclusive clubs in the heart of Milan…


Our philosophy

Do you want to live one of TheWowFactor Italian experiences?

Live it!

Luxury Emotions
Leisure packages

You can make your choice among one of the our luxury leisure packages on different classes of extraordinary emotions.

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High-End Luxury Emotions
Tailor made

You can choose a “once in a lifetime” tailor-made program, especially studied for You.

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Leave all,
live this TM

Do not miss out on a chance to indulge and unwind.

So take a deep breath in and let yourself go.


Sometimes, the only way to do that is to leave it all.

That is exactly where TheWowFactor comes in.

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